Morris Robinson moved from Montreal, Canada and founded HJS Investment, Inc. in 1969. He began in South Florida, building an oceanfront high rise condominium in Pompano Beach, followed by single family homes in Boca Raton and surrounding communities. Earning his General Contractors license in 1971, Morris went on to build homes in the 70s with pride, and these homes still retain their structural quality today.

In the late 70’s, as Morris watched his hometown grow, he began building shopping centers and industrial buildings. Though they are not the large, anchored mega centers that are commonplace today, they are only in the best possible locations and designed for optimal visibility and customer access.

Today, Morris is proud to have added the title of Construction Chairman for the Center for the Arts Amphitheater in Boca Raton. He continues to work every day at the company he built 46 years ago as CEO, CFO and General Contractor.